Skippy We Love YOU!

  • March 02, 2010
  • By

The results are in on our "Aussie Animal Icon" Survey for 2010 and we have a clear winner!

Of the  836 people who responded to our online survey,  Skippy the Bush Kangaroo attracted the most votes - 29 per cent of votes.

Legendary racehorse Phar Lap was second with 21 per cent of votes and the dog that said "bugger" in a Toyota commercial came third with 15 per cent, ahead of Simpson's Donkey (12 per cent), Matilda the Boxing Kangaroo (9 per cent) and the Dog on the Tucker Box (4 per cent).

Eight per cent voted for Mr Percival from the children's book and film Storm Boy, while Fatso the Wombat from the long-running drama series A Country Practice lagged the field, pulling just two per cent of votes.

The fun survey has also gained VetShopAustralia media coverage across Australia and internationally, including The Age, The Courier Mail, The Sydney Morning Herald, 2GB, ABC Radio and many more. It just goes to show that Australians' love animals and animal news of all types.

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